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  • Saglam, H. S. (in press). “Maritime Walls and Towers of the Enez Castle: A Joint Work by Libadarios and Gattilusio”, Proceedings of the Online International Conference on Byzantine, Western and Post-Byzantine Towers (10th–16th centuries) 18–20 November 2022, peer-reviewed, will be open access.
  • Saglam, H. S. (in press).The Arap Mosque Tombstones’ Long Life (Galata, Istanbul): Architectural Reusage, Damnatio Memoriae, Neglect,Minima Medievalia, 6, peer-reviewed, will be open access.
  • Saglam, H. S. (in press). “Examining the Landward Defensive Concept of Pera: Spiga and its Walled Vineyards”, Proceedings of Istanbul University Faculty of Architecture, National Symposium of Walled Cities, Castles and Fortifications 10.09.2022, in Turkish, peer-reviewed, will be online.
  • Saglam, H. S. (in press). “‘Genoese’ heritage along Aegean Anatolia: Neglected fortifications versus ghost colonies”, People, Power, and Art. Genoa and Venice and their Colonies in the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean, 13th to16th century (multiple editors, part of proceedings of Genoa and Its Colonies in the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, 13th to 16th People, Power, and Art Conference), peer-reviewed, will be open access.
  • Savvas Mavromatidis, Maria Aimé Villano (in press). Late Medieval Cypriot Tombstones in the Colonial Period: Between the Protection of Medieval Cultural Heritage and Its Political Instrumentalization, dans Medieval Art, Modern Politics?, ed. Brigitte Buettner, William Diebold.
  • Estelle Ingrand-Varenne, Maria Aimé Villano (in press). The words of the last hour. Tombs and epitaphs in the Kingdoms of Cyprus and Jerusalem, in Tomb Monuments in Medieval Europe, éd. P. Cockerham, C. Steer.
  • Estelle Ingrand-Varenne (in press). « The Bilingual Inscriptions in the Nativity Church in Bethlehem: Translation, Adaptation, and Refusal of Transfer », Transfer of Knowledge — Transfer of Ideas — Transfer of Experiences. Latin Translations of Greek Texts between 1050 and 1240, Paraskevi Toma et Péter Bara dir., Brill.
  • Estelle Ingrand-Varenne (in press). « Writing on the Burial of Christ in the Twelfth Century: an Absent Presence in the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem », Sakrale Schriftbilder – Zur ikonischen Präsenz des Geschriebenen im mittelalterlichen Kirchenraum, De Gruyter.
  • Estelle Ingrand-Varenne (in press). « Transmettre les inscriptions de Terre sainte au XIIe siècle: le récit et l’annexe épigraphique de Jean de Würzburg », Congreso Internacional de Epigrafía-UCM : La transmisión epigráfica, 17-19 de abril de 2023, ed. Isabel Velázquez Soriano et M.ª del Rosario Hernando Sobrino.
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